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Since the whole 'blog' thing is not usually conducive towards finding older posts (unless you're really looking), I've added links to various pages here as a sort of 'gallery' page, in no particular order. It also helps me to find certain pictures when I just can't remember what shade I used on those helmets...

(28mm stuff)

Panzer II L "Luchs"
Work-in-Progress Panzer II L "Luchs"

Waffen-SS 8cm Mortar
German Panzer Crew

(15mm Stuff)

15mm Desert Objectives (Battlegroup & Chain of Command)


WiP 4 RTR Matildas (& Painting Caunter Camouflage)

Vickers Mk VI B Light Tanks
WiP Vickers Mk VI B Light Tanks

PSC British Rifles
Coldstream Guards Churchill Squadron
Sherman Breaching Group
Churchill Tank Troop
WASP Flame Carriers

1 RTR Stuart Recce Troop
1 RTR Cromwell 2iC & Crusader AA
Desert Rat Infantry

1st Army Churchills
1st Army Universal Carriers & 6-pounders
1st Army 5.5" Gun Battery
1st Army 25-pounder Battery
Mediterranean Commandos

AVsRE (Armoured Vehicles, Royal Engineers)

Sikh Company HQ
Sikh Vickers MMG Platoons
Sikh Rifle Platoon

Highland Division 25-pounders
Highland Division 25-pounder Battery HQ

Airlanding Platoon WiP
Airlanding Platoon Finished
Airlanding 6-pounders


Mediterranean Fallschirmjäger

DAK Panzer III Gs
WiP DAK Panzer III Gs

DAK Panzer IV F1s
WiP DAK Panzer IV F1s

"Afrika" Tigers
SS-Aufklärungs group
Sd Kfz 10/5 2cm Flak

6th Panzer Hummels
Kursk Panthers

Panzerspäh Lehr
Grossdeutschland Panzergrenadiers
More Grossdeutschland Panzergrenadiers
Grossdeutschland reinforcements
Grossdeutschland sMG42 HMG Platoon
Grossdeutschland Panzergrenadier HQ

"Winterised" Panthers in Splinter Scheme
505. Schwere Panzer Abteilung King Tigers
More Hornisse

German Infantry Aces
Volksgrenadier HQ
8cm Mortars
Grenadier Platoon
Volksgrenadier Sturm Platoon
MG42 HMG Platoon
General Von Sauken
Luftwaffe Jaeger Platoon

Panzer Division Lehr PaK 40 ATGs
Panzer Lehr Half-tracks
Panzer Lehr Nebelwerfers

StuG G Platoon
StuH 42 Platoon
Hetzer Platoon
Panzerwerfer 42 Battery
Flakpanzer 38t

Panthers in Splinter Camo

Jordanians for 1967

Jordanian Centurions

Estonian (20. SS-Freiwiligen-Grenadierdivision)
SS Camouflage (test pieces)

US Army

Chaffee Platoon
M26 Pershings

Plastic US Infantry Test Pieces
Plastic US Armored Rifle Company
105mm Artillery Battery
155mm Artillery Battery

Lt. Colonel Creighton Abrams
M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" Shermans
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