Friday 27 November 2009

25-pounder Battery HQ

The HQ lot. Made up from an ad hoc mix of the LW British figures in Mk. IIIs helmets and a piper from the Commando blister. The other lads in berets (strictly GS caps) and the officer in peak cap are from the 7th Armoured Infantry blister. Forgot to take pictures of the OP Carriers, but they're not that exciting anyway.

(click to expand)

I still have a staff team to add with a mix of Highland Div, 6th Airborne and Commando Officers to add to the HQ group. Then the last Commando Section, an Airlanding Platoon, Airlanding 6-pounders and another 4 x 25-pounders.



  1. Very nice looking mini's as I've come accustomed too from you.:-)

    I wish I had time to paint FOW,but I've made other commitments that I need to accomplish first.
    After this,I'm not making anymore commitments to projects unless an army is finished or close to it.I miss the freedom to work on what I want.


  2. I know exactly what you mean. There are soooo many other periods and scales I would like to do. Fortunately I have no opponents other than for FOW, so that does dampen my enthusiasm somewhat.


  3. They look amazing. Just as all the other stuff on your blog.
    I am already glad i can paint "looking good at the table" quality.



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