Gallery Page

Since the whole 'blog' thing is not usually conducive towards finding older posts (unless you're really looking), I've added links to various pages here as a sort of 'gallery' page, in no particular order. It also helps me to find certain pictures when I just can't remember what shade I used on those helmets...


Coldstream Guards Churchill SquadronSherman Breaching Group
Churchill Tank Troop
WASP Flame Carriers

1 RTR Stuart Recce Troop
1 RTR Cromwell 2iC & Crusader AA
Desert Rat Infantry

1st Army Churchills
1st Army Universal Carriers & 6-pounders
1st Army 5.5" Gun Battery
1st Army 25-pounder Battery
Mediterranean Commandos

AVsRE (Armoured Vehicles, Royal Engineers)

Sikh Company HQ
Sikh Vickers MMG Platoons
Sikh Rifle Platoon

Highland Division 25-pounders
Highland Division 25-pounder Battery HQ

Airlanding Platoon WiP
Airlanding Platoon Finished
Airlanding 6-pounders


6th Panzer Hummels
Kursk Panthers

Panzerspäh Lehr
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