Wednesday 12 September 2018

WIP: Vickers Light Tanks

Battlefront models, built here as the twin-MG armed Vickers Mk. VI B. As usual of late, I've customised each model with stowage and bits to make each unique. Tedious, and it adds a lot of hours to each model, but it usually pays off in the end. This is only really possible when I have a few models to do.

Basecoat Portland Stone (or my version of it) before brush-painting the Caunter Scheme.
2-pounders and Dingos on the go as well.

Missing some pics...jumped ahead here quite a bit: Caunter painted, decals applied and chipping done, mostly by brush.
Why yes, I have lost my mind...why do you ask?

Details painted, now to varnish and pin wash, etc.




  1. I love those little tanks, great looking caunter! Do you cast your own stowage?

    1. Thanks: the yellow pieces are milliput, cast into molds made from blue stuff thermo plastic. Useful for making your own stowage molds, at least for simple pieces.



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