Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Airlanding 6-pounders

More from the war files: some 6-pounder anti-tank guns from my Orne Bridgehead Commando/6th Airborne force.

Battlefront figs and guns; 3 crew per base as I was short, and they fit better that way. A couple of Commando figs (in Bergens) painted as Airborne to get some Red Berets in for aesthetics...they obviously secured the Bergens in a "trade". Dismounted tank crewman painted as airborne without Denison Smock for the Platoon Commander.


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Painting Field Grey

Not the Panzergrenadiers you were looking for...

There are many ways of doing this, this is merely the one I use.

I've kept the commentary short since the actual painting process follows the way I usually do it, though some colours have changed e.g. flesh colours. Rather than skip ahead, the picture sequence shows each stage (roughly), warts and all.

Colours are VMC (Vallejo Model Colour) unless noted. The figures are from Battlefront's GE780 Lehr Panzergrenadier Platoon since they're not so cluttered with equipment and camo smocks, etc..

Black undercoat (front)

Black undercoat (rear)

Flesh Shadow with P3 Idrian Flesh.
Helmet covers with 988 Khaki.
SMG Pouches, Bread Bag and Ammo Box with 887 Brown Violet.
Wood and brown leather with 889 USA Olive Drab.

Rear shot of above.

Flesh with P3 Khardic Flesh.
Helmet Covers with 884 Stone Grey.
SMG Pouches and Bread Bag with 886 Green Grey.
Ammo Box  882 Middlestone.
Wood with 984 Flat Earth.
Uniform with 3:1 Mix of 830 German Fieldgrey & Black.

The colours of the actual Field Grey uniform are quite simple. I paint the figure with a quite dark shadow colour, a 3:1 mix of 830 Fieldgrey and black, then block-paint with pure Fieldgrey. An overall highlight with a 3:1 mix of 830 Fieldgrey and 886 Green Grey, followed by edge highlights and definition lines with pure 886 Green Grey.

Flesh with P3 Midlund Flesh.Webbing/Black leather with Black.
SMG Pouches and Bread Bag with 886 Green Grey + 884 Stone Grey, mixed 1:1.
Uniform with 830 German Fieldgrey.
Weapons and metal 950 Black.
Brown Leather with 984 Flat Brown.

Fieldgrey painted equipment, e.g. bare helmets, gas canister and the like are painted similarly to the Fieldgrey uniform but with a mix I made: 1:1 mix of 830 Fieldgrey and 979 German Camo Dark Green. This is painted exactly like the FG, but using this "Fieldgrey-Green" mix, same 3:1 mix with 886 Green Grey for highlights, then 1:1 with Green Grey for more definition if needed. It simply results in a "greener" finish that complements the browner Fieldgrey uniform.

Flesh with P3 Ryn Flesh (nose, cheek bones, around the mouth,,  fingers, etc.).Webbing/Black leather with 995 German Grey.
SMG Pouches, Bread Bag: 886 Green Grey + 884 Stone Grey, mixed 1:1.
Ammo Box: add White to 882 Middlestone until satisfied.
Wood: Panzer Aces 311 New Wood.
Uniform: 3:1 Mix of 830 German Fieldgrey & 886 Green GreyWeapons and metal 995 German Grey.Brown Leather with 846 Mahogany Sand.
Splinter as per usual (different base colour here though).

The use of 886 Green Grey for line and edge highlights adds a lot of definition to the figure and allows certain areas to be emphasised. For instance, on these Panzer Lehr Panzergrenadier figures, the "Panzer Wrap" nature of the uniform can be emphasised with some well-placed highlights on the uniform collars, giving a lot more definition than usual. Sharp highlights also indicate the close-fitting nature of the uniform quite well.

Webbing/Black leather with 867 Dark Bluegrey (pick out edges).
Uniform with 886 Green Grey for edge and line highlights.Weapons and metal Coat 'd Arms 212 Dark Grey, then 836 London Grey.

The MG belt was a simple NMM-style caricature, i.e. brass casings and metal bullets, not designed to look like the actual thing but how one "thinks" an MG belt would look.

The NMM brass sections were painted with a dark brown, then each "bullet" was picked out with Vallejo Game Colour Leather Brown, the high-lighted by mixing VGC Leather Brown with VMC Pale Sand 1:1. The "bullets" were done similarly: Black, then VMC 995 German Grey, then VMC 836 London Grey. It's a pretty simple approach that looks decent enough on 15mm miniatures and certainly makes the MG-belt stand out.

Similar approach as above on the figures below:

Of course I miss-placed the final pics on bases, but the above pretty much explains how I do it.


Sunday, 15 March 2015

Flakpanzer 38t

A couple of Flakpanzer 38t, Battlefront models with a zeltbahn added to one to denote command team, though I found some small numbers and added them later.

Something useful actually coming. Soon. Maybe BF-Soon. Ever noticed how writing the word "soon" several times makes it look and sound really weird? Never mind.


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

German Infantry Aces

A few character teams, for unique command teams, Infantry Aces or whatever. One Heer Grenadiers, one SS infantry and one Fallschirmjager. The usual dodgy pics.


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

StuH 42 Platoon

Some Battlefront StuH 42s, painted a few years back in fact but stowage, crews and the rest only completed late last year.

Not the best start to the year, painting-wise too, but whatever. Dribs and drabs to come as usual.


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Level Up

So, you're browsing various gaming and painting blogs online. The odd AAR, someone's shiny new project they will probably never complete ...and you sympathise, looking over to your pile of uncompleted "stuff" that seems to grow by itself. There are even a few really good painting posts, the type which make you think "that doesn't look so hard, I need to try that" or even "I can do better".

Many hours later and after much blood, toil, tears and spilled paint, you are finally done. It is the *best* thing you have ever painted. Definitely. Must be. OK, so maybe the guy with the moustache needs a few extra highlights, you fudged his left eye a bit and (as you will soon be informed after posting pictures online) the *correct* wafferfarbe colour for the 874th Herman-Goering-Panzer-Sturm-Pioneer Abteilung was, in fact, "Parakeet Green" (with the correct German term and RAL number helpfully supplied)...but apart from all that, it's perfect.

And yet, someone has already posted something better. Damnit, how do they do it? You closely scrutinise every picture, committing to memory the shade and placement of every shadow, every highlight.

Sod it. Back to work you go, trying this, trying that. Buying several of these new-fangled (and usually made by a talented Spaniard) magical-modelling-voodo-in-a-bottle-mixtures that are sure to help. Help create something else, something new, your defining work: a masterpiece surely?

The point? Lots of ramblings mostly.

A lot of guys trying to improve their painting think this is some sort of competition...yeah, not so much, unless you want to make it one. You see the emails I get with the usual ''I wish I could paint like you', etc., etc....well, you can. Honest. Just try sometime, that's the important bit. The rest, as they say, is just practice. There is zero 'talent' or any other such nonsense, at least on my part. What I do is technique, not art: art is to create something from nothing. See various blogs and sites like CMON for proper painters, real artists. I just apply techniques. You can learn to do the same with similar results. Really.

Part of the learning is actually messing things up, making mistakes and learning from them. Duh. Just keep on keeping on, you'll get somewhere you are satisfied with eventually: that's the important bit. So below, a couple of my brother's 8-Rads:

Not bad? Mostly his work, colour choice, but he got bored so I finished them off: a bit of weathering, the crewman and tools, etc. These were his first airbrushed vehicles. The whole "panel highlighting" thing did not come out too well, but then I was probably pushing it trying to teach that in the first lesson. So, if you know someone who can already paint somewhat, ask them teach you a bit if you can, as shaving some time off the learning curve is always worthwhile.

To add to that: not everyone enjoys painting. I do, but he generally does not though he has his moments. That's fine. Some people seem to think there's some sort of "pressure" to paint well, that you must and must enjoy it. There really isn't. So, a pair of 8-Rads done, another unit completed: he learnt quite a bit, I learnt a bit about teaching someone where I assume certain things that are common sense...aren't. The models look good, better than 95% of stuff you'll see here locally, that's enough.

At the end of the day, whatever you do and no matter how well you do it, this is still just painting toy soldiers, isn't it?

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