Friday, 29 March 2019

FiB Pumas (WiP) & 15mm Medieval figures

Work in progress on some Forged in Battle Pumas.

Dunkelgelb ersatz modulation.

Tamiya NATO green for...err, the green bits. Tamiya NATO Brown & Olive Drab at 1:1 for the brown.

Commander (awkward fit on the vehicle it must be said).

Pre-varnish and pin wash.
BF plastics are probably better (not seen yet), but for gaming purposes they'll do.

15mm Medieval figures, all Museum Miniatures.

Hospitaller Knights and mercenary infantry

Some Turcopoles:

Some Templar Knights and mercenary infantry:


Tuesday, 26 March 2019

28mm Winter Germans

More accurately, autumn Germans in winter clothing I suppose: not wanting to do snow, I've gone with an autumn basing scheme that blends in well with most tables (even desert!). 28mm figures by Warlord Games ("German Grenadier Squad (Winter)"), the first four of the 10-man box.


Japanese Type 89 Tanks - WiP

Type 89 Yi-Go tanks from Battlefront. Mostly seeing service in Manchuria and China, I've added some stowage from pics in various Osprey titles and online examples.

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