Monday 26 October 2009

Panzer Lehr Half-tracks

Panzer Lehr Sd Kfz 251/1 Half-tracks

Half-tracks are one-piece resin castings by Kerr and King, crew by Battlefront. First five of ten, the first platoon and the 2iC.

The camo scheme might raise a few eyebrows, but I do like it: simple, and suits my painting style, plus I'm aiming for aesthetically pleasing, not historical accuracy here. Based on a camo scheme of a Grossdeutchland Panther: brown might have been better than the pseudo Olive Drab, but honestly I don't care....bloody German vehicles....

(click full-sized versions)

The actual Panthers are a WiP right now.



  1. Very nice and clean painting.


  2. The Germans issued umpteen colours in a paste to be mixed in the field with water, (snow, mud or piss), petrol (oil or vodka!) thick or thin, with brush, broom, cloth or spray gun, well or badly, with time or in a hurry, over umteen factory finishes, in all weather......I've always said you can paint a german vehicle any colour you like!!

  3. My thoughts exactly: the more I dig and look for photographs, the more variation I find.

    These were inspired by the Panthers on this page:


  4. Salut,

    Je me demandais si les sdkfz de Kerr & King n'etaient pas un petit peu longs par rapport aux autres marques. Il me semble qu'ils font 6.15 cm, au 1/100 cela devrait etre plutot 5.8 (soit un bon 35 cm en plus en realite)

    Un petit retour sur les modeles?

  5. They do seem a little longer, but since they are really just armoured trucks to me, I wasn't too concerned. Besides, they were half the price of the Battlefront half-tracks, and I don't particularly like paying the same price for a transport half-track as for a tank.

    Thanks for the comment.


  6. What colours have you used for highlighted edges?

    1. On the OD parts, the edge highlight was VMC 886 Green Grey.

      On the Dk Yellow/Middlestone parts, the edge highlight was probably a 2:1 mix of VMC Middlestone and VMC Buff/Dark Sand/GW Bleached Bone, etc. Maybe even 1:1, I don't quite remember, these were done along time ago.



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