Sunday 16 August 2009

Could it be?

A new post?

A couple of pics of figs painted yesterday...the new(ish) Engineer-Sapper figures. Just three test figs for now: I don't plan on starting this army just yet, but it will hopefully happen in the future.

ES Test 2

ES Test 3

ES Test 1

Adding definition to camo is always something I unsure of...i.e. how much depth to add. Too much can muddle the camo detail, but I like to add at least some (as above) to show folds in clothing, etc. where there is no brown. This might need to be darkened in the above, or maybe I'll try highlighting the brown amoeba blobs to define them better. Or both. Forgot to highlight the boots as well. Leather is too bright. The "collar" should in fact be part of the body armour and not clothing, etc.

I drive myself nuts.



  1. Ahh,I see you have a blog.Well,I for one am quite happy as I like your work.Any chance you could post the finished product as they are coming along nicely.:-)


  2. On the uniform? The green is Vallejo Model Colour 924 Russian Uniform, Russian Green for shadow: the brown camo was VMC Burnt Umber (I think) but something like Game Colour Charred Brown (GW Scorched Brown) might be better...any dark brown should do really.

    Helmets VMC Luftwaffe Green, Weapons Citadel Boltgun Metal& a bit of black, webbing VMC Khaki, add white for highlight, leather Cobra Leather/Snakebite Leather. Wood VMC Flat Earth, then Vallejo Panzer Aces "New Wood".

    Flesh base with VMC Mahogany Sand, then P3 Khardic Flesh followed by P3 Midlund Flesh (prefer the Game Colour combo now though).

    Hope that helps.


  3. You are more than welcome :)

    For Flesh you might try Vallejo Game Colour Tan -> Dwarf Flesh -> Elf Flesh, or the GW equivalents. It's my favorite at the moment, e.g. here:

    The P3 shades are more pinkish in nature, but can still work well.


  4. Omg I'd be happy if my 40mm minis looked as detailed! Inspiring as always!
    Mike B


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