Saturday 14 January 2012

5.5" Gun Battery

5.5" Guns, strictly-speaking half a battery of 2 Gun Sections. These were painted to match previous work done, Carriers and 6-pounders and Churchill IIIs.

I hate painting Matadors...



  1. These are excellent, great work

  2. Truly beautiful work as per usual, I'd love to know what base colours you use for your British stuff.

  3. Hi Crac,

    You did again stunning work.
    I'm fan of your painting and photo skill.

    Please tell me, what is your camera setting?
    I try to much, but cant take bright and
    clean pictures as yours.


  4. The matadors look amazing. All your minis look clean and crisp and gorgeously detailed.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys.

    @ Nate: the colour scheme is the same as the basic infantry colour, any dark brown, English Uniform, Khaki Grey, followed by a final edge highlight of Green Ochure.

    @ hokkabaz: can't help you much I'm afraid. The main thing is lighting and having enough of it, and upping the exposure setting on your camera if your pictures are still to dark. Also, I suggest you have a look at Kage's article on his light box: I have something similar and it does help:

    Sorry I can't help much, for me it's really been learning by trial and error. For every pic you see me post, 3-4 are probably discarded.


  6. Brilliant minis! Your style is so appealing to the eye, it gives the viewer the impression of perfection! You have nailed the colors of the uniforms and kit. Great job!



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