Thursday 22 February 2018

WiP: Fast-paint T-34s

Some old PSC T-34s, aiming for a fast job.

The ideas is to use 3-layers of colour in a quick ersatz modulation style, apply decals and do chipping, then apply an overall enamel wash, but thinned to a heavy-ish filter consistency. Now, it won't detail as well as a proper pin-wash, but it won't take as long either. Which is the point here as I just want them for gaming, nothing fancy, and don't want a serious time investment.

(1) Very dark green, (2) MiG 932 4BO Base, (3) 1:1 mix of MiG 933 and 934 4BO colours

So far so good, but the wash will make or break them. They should be good enough for gaming purposes in any case.


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