Monday, 1 January 2018

PSC British Infantry

Quick jobs (for me....), gaming standard really, but good enough. Based in pairs and singles for Battlegroup: 3x 10-man Rifle Sections, 5-man Command element, plus a pair each with the 2" Mortar and PIAT.

Later, I added some single commanders to act as leaders in Chain of Command: three Corporals, a platoon Sergeant and platoon Lieutenant. BF plastics this time as PSC does not give you nearly enough NCOs. On the whole, the BF Plastic British are a bit better than the PSC offering and, with extra NCOs, 2" Mortars, PIATs and a few spare riflemen and Brens, enough to add some useful support teams (e.g. the Universal Carrier dismounts), the BF box is the better buy IMO.



  1. Happy New Year! Lovely job still - lovely tones to your highlighting, very natural and not too sharp. All the best for 2018!


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