Tuesday 25 October 2011

StuG G Platoon

StuG G Platoon from the box set by Battlefront. Lovely models, one of my favourite armoured vehicles from the Second World War. They've been done for a while now, though I'm just getting to posting pictures of the completed thing now.

There is limited chipping, etc but it really doesn't show very well: I probaly shouldn't have bothered apart from the deeper scratches/penetrations on the side-skirts. Mostly, I'm still to afraid to screw thing ups completely, and unlike brush painting fixing major mistakes is a pain and very visible.

For paints, I used Vallejo Model Air Middlestone as a base, then a lighter version with some VMA Sand mixed in for highlights. Green camo is VMC Reflective Green, brown is VMC Flat Earth (= VMA Tank Brown), both used with Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner to thin. The spare track links show up very red in the pictures but aren't quite so bad in real life; still, I should make them stand out less. Lines and details picked-out with MiG Dark Wash, though I now prefer to mix my own with MiG oils.

Germans Crosses by Dom's decals: way better than Battlefront's ones: these at least are centered properly. I skipped any other marking as they're meant to be rather generic in use.

Considering that these represent vehicles No. 5-9 that I have airbrushed....ever...they didn't turn out too badly IMHO and I learn't quite a bit.



  1. They look just great! Really need to get an airbrush myself someday!


  2. You never fail to disappoint!

  3. They look fantastic. You should be well pleased with them.
    Don't be afraid to add a bit of travel filth. A bit of dust along the lower areas to add that been down the road a few times feel.

  4. Great job!!! You have a beautiful style of painting.

  5. Great minis! True, they could use some dirt and dust, but the camo and detail painting its top shelf!


  6. super nice as usual, I can't paint that clean... I'm a dirty painter :-)

    How do you thin with airbrush cleaner? I thought that the thinner they have in the range does the trick


  7. Thanks Braxen.

    The airbrush cleaner I used to thin by adding a few drop to Model Colour, say 30-40%, though it depends on how thick that particular VMC colour was to start with. It helps to reduce nozzle clogging somewhat and of course thins the paint sufficiently for airbrushing. Tip gained from Mig Jimnez on some or other online forum.



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