Wednesday 13 January 2010

M4A1 Sherman Platoon

Sherman platoon; supposedly for supporting my US Glider Rifle Company in Normandy. Not that I actually have a Glider Rifle Coy mind you.

I went with a standard Olive Drab scheme as I feel camouflaged US tanks are a little overdone. Basic US Olive Drab, black pin-wash over the details, then block-painted with a 50/50 mix of USOD and Brown Violet. Highlighted with Brown Violet, then edges picked out with a progressively lighter mix of Brown Violet and the Vallejo Panzer Aces colour “US Uniform Highlight”....don't ask.

Front Hull decals are the Battlefront ones from the box (and not very crisp they are) while the ones on the turret sides are Dom's and much nicer in my opinion: should have used them on the hull as well!

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