Saturday 22 May 2010

1st Army Carriers & 6-pounders

A couple more 1st Army platoons, all done to match previous work as far as possible.

Carrier patrol with .50 cals (a Flames of War favourite...)

6-pounder Platoon


Sunday 16 May 2010

1st Army Churchills

Part of a British army I'm working on as a commission. I really, really dislike painting Churchills: there seems to be so much detail everywhere, but they do look rather good when finished.

Now I also need to convince Dom Skelton to do some tac signs and AoS numbers for all the Tunisia Churchill Brigades...


Thursday 13 May 2010

Airlanding Platoon finished.

Err...yeah. Finished ages ago actually, I'm just really lazy with pictures and struggled to get decent shots of these. Tried instead to do a few bases at a time.

(Click for larger images)

Won the “Best Infantry Platoon” in the Battlefront/Flames of War painting competition, so I'm not complaining...surprised, yes. Complaining, no :).

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