Monday 5 September 2022

15mm Late Roman Cataphracts

Something of a rescue job: 20-year old+ Essex Cataphracts, stripped, fixed-up, some capes and details added and re-painted. End result is pretty good.

And finished and based:

The second unit of Cataphracts, or more like Crappyphracts: Lurkio ultracast after loads of clean-up, replacement of right hand and lance. The armoured horses are decent but the riders are very poor. A couple of Essex Sassanid Clibanarii and old Lancachire figures added to make up numbers. Not a great unit but they'll do until I can replace them with something better. Shield design entirely fictitious.


Wednesday 17 August 2022

Mediterranean Fallschirmjäger

28mm Fallschirmjäger themed for the Mediterranean. Mostly metal figures by Offensive Miniatures, the Flak 30 gun being Rubicon and crews are Warlord plastics.

 Flak gun, base and crew conversions by Andy Lilof.

Metals figures from Offensive Miniatures.


Thursday 16 June 2022

Plastic Grenadiers (28mm BA)

 More 28mm Germans, this time the plastic Grenadiers from Warlord for Bolt Action. 3x 10-man Squads and a 3-man Command element (Officer, Sniper, Medic).

Command Element

First Squad

Second Squad

Third Squad


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