Wednesday 9 March 2016

Panzerspäh Lehr

A Panzerspähkompanie (or German Armoured Car Company) from Panzer Division Lehr, intended for the Ardennes offensive. Models by Forged in Battle, quite simple models but they do paint up well, and quickly.

My favourite version of the famous "Puma" 8-wheeled armoured car, the Sd Kfz 234/1 armed with a 2cm gun rather than the arguably more famous 234/2 version with the 5cm weapon. I have nine of the 5cm version still to do, and probably need a few 234/4 with the Pak40 to round out the collection.


Thursday 3 March 2016

Panzer IVs (& Panzerwerfers)

A company of Panzer IV H, models by Battlefront. The paint jobs were base on a scheme ostensibly used by 24. Panzer Div in late 1944.

HQ Tanks:

I painted the four tanks below first, then faffed about with mixing colours, etc, so the last six tanks have a slightly different shade of brown.

Added Panzerwerfers.

The whole force with additions.

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