Saturday 26 August 2023

15mm Late Romans - additions

 Additions to my 15mm Late Roman army: mostly infantry, of which I had neglected to take pictures. Painted shieleds, etc. no decals.

Bucellarii cavalry

Auxilia Palatina Celtae Seniores

Auxilia Palatna Cornuti Seniores

Legio Comitatenses Italica Prima

Legio Comitatenses Italica Quarta

Legio Lanciarii Iuniores

 A Legio Limitanei unit

Armoured archers.


Tuesday 22 August 2023

Mediterranean Fallschirmjäger (part 3)

 A few Mediterranean Fallschirmjäger additions, mostly additional LMGs. Offensive miniatures.


Wednesday 28 June 2023

15mm Hunnic Army

 15mm speed-painted Hunnic army. This is the core of the army and will allow for most combinations in many rules.

147 Cavalry so far. All figures are Lurkio "Ultracast" from PSC: previously cheap and cheerful-ish,  they're not really worth the cost since price increases. I may at some point add an Ostrogoth contingent to round out the army, and maybe some Frankish subject foot, etc..

Hunnic Generals

Hunnic Nobles

Hunnic Horse Archers

Heruli/Scirii Cavalry

Alan Horse Archers


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