Thursday 16 June 2022

Plastic Grenadiers (28mm BA)

 More 28mm Germans, this time the plastic Grenadiers from Warlord for Bolt Action. 3x 10-man Squads and a 3-man Command element (Officer, Sniper, Medic).

Command Element

First Squad

Second Squad

Third Squad


Sunday 5 June 2022

15mm Late Romans

5th Century AD Late Romans, a 15mm army project I'm currently working on: mostly cavalry so far, infantry still to be added. 

Not the best paint jobs, just some extra work added to shields, a few units with layered capes and white clothes all layered. The figures are PSC Ultracast Late Romans, siocast version of the Lurkio 15mm Late Romans...they're damnably mediocre as far as figures go but it's all I can get at the moment. Massive amounts of clean-up and all spears replaced with nylon broom bristles, most right hands re-sculpted with green stuff to make this work. Pain.

The whole mob so far.


Equites Brachiati Seniores

Equites Dalmatae Passerentiaci

Equites Constantiani 'Feroces'

Equites Honoriani Taifali Iuniores

Foederate Gothic Cavalry

Equites Sagittarii Cordueni

Equites Sagittarii Iuniores


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