Wednesday 28 June 2023

15mm Hunnic Army

 15mm speed-painted Hunnic army. This is the core of the army and will allow for most combinations in many rules.

147 Cavalry so far. All figures are Lurkio "Ultracast" from PSC: previously cheap and cheerful-ish,  they're not really worth the cost since price increases. I may at some point add an Ostrogoth contingent to round out the army, and maybe some Frankish subject foot, etc..

Hunnic Generals

Hunnic Nobles

Hunnic Horse Archers

Heruli/Scirii Cavalry

Alan Horse Archers


Tuesday 27 June 2023

28mm WWII Japanese

 28mm WWII Japanese: Warlord models and tank.

And some speed-painted "spear-fighters".


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