Friday 27 November 2009

25-pounder Battery HQ

The HQ lot. Made up from an ad hoc mix of the LW British figures in Mk. IIIs helmets and a piper from the Commando blister. The other lads in berets (strictly GS caps) and the officer in peak cap are from the 7th Armoured Infantry blister. Forgot to take pictures of the OP Carriers, but they're not that exciting anyway.

(click to expand)

I still have a staff team to add with a mix of Highland Div, 6th Airborne and Commando Officers to add to the HQ group. Then the last Commando Section, an Airlanding Platoon, Airlanding 6-pounders and another 4 x 25-pounders.


Saturday 14 November 2009

Highland Division 25-pounders

The first 4 of a full battery (that's 8...) for my Commando: Orne Bridgehead army. I had bee resisting this purchase for a while: 60+ figure and eight guns is a fair bit of painting for one unit. But the double-width template is hard to resist when my Commandos won't be far behind...

The pictures aren't too good for the arty: the green does not seem to photograph too well, or perhaps my lighting is too strong (the helmets aren't shiny in real life, so that might be it). Shadow colour also need to be darkened I think, but I like the slightly darker green over straight Russian Uniform.

I'll add the HQ group later


Sunday 8 November 2009

PaK 40 Anti-tank Guns

PaK 40s, more from the Panzer Lehr fold. I went with simple dunkelgelb without any camo...much prefer it, especially on things with lots of small details like ATGs.

They have proved to be...completely useless so far. In their last game they missed five out of six shots deploying in ambush at point-blank range. Things can (I hope) only improve.

Off to paint now....

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