Saturday 14 November 2009

Highland Division 25-pounders

The first 4 of a full battery (that's 8...) for my Commando: Orne Bridgehead army. I had bee resisting this purchase for a while: 60+ figure and eight guns is a fair bit of painting for one unit. But the double-width template is hard to resist when my Commandos won't be far behind...

The pictures aren't too good for the arty: the green does not seem to photograph too well, or perhaps my lighting is too strong (the helmets aren't shiny in real life, so that might be it). Shadow colour also need to be darkened I think, but I like the slightly darker green over straight Russian Uniform.

I'll add the HQ group later


1 comment:

  1. Keep them coming,as I really enjoy watching your army come along.Great work!



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