Tuesday 24 November 2020

28mm Winter Scheme T-34/76

 A winter scheme T-34/76, much like the last ones I did but this time a 28mm version. Warlord/Italeri model: white background, black background.


Sunday 22 November 2020

28mm Siberian Veterans

 Warlord 28mm figures from the "Siberian Veterans" box set. I'm not basing them, if that wasn't obvious.

These tree are actually old BAM sculpts, by Paul Hicks I believe. Long since OOP


A couple of BG games

A couple of BG refresher games, here themed for 3rd Kharkov.  

Game 1 - Flank Attack

The Germans would field a PzGrenadier Platoon, a few support weapons (HMG, PaK38 and 8cm Mortar), three Panzer IV Gs, four Panzer III Ls and an 8-Rad.

The Soviets were Motostrelkovy Plt + AT Rifle, Maxim HMG, a 76.2mm infantry gun, 2x 3 T-34s and 3x T-70s with a section of infantry scouts and a BA-10 Armoured car to round things off.

A Soviet BA-10 grabs the first Obj, then breaks down and is engaged by a disabled Panzer III.

Soviet reserves flood on to the table while the BA-10 has succumbed to Panzer III fire.

More Panzers approach with some infantry and support weapons in the distance.

Soviets press the attack: the T-70 having dispatched an 8-Rad, now KO's a Panzer III with a flank shot. What a hero!

On the German right, the Soviets also press the attack although the T-70 and T-34 in picture would quickly be KO'd by the Panzer IV on the hill.

Panzer IV views down the road and fails to hit the T-70, is pinned in return.

Another German tank burns.

Despite the loss of two tanks, the Soviets press the attack on the hill and KO the Panzer IV and later will clean-up the infantry element as well.

Soviet infantry attempt to attack the Panzers (they fail to do damage) while the T-34s eventually get the range and KO the last mobile Panzer III, breaking the German force.

Game 2 - Defence Line

The Germans would defend with a PzGrenadier Platoon in foholes, HMG in log bunker, PaK40 AT Gun and 8.8cm FlaK gun in gun pits and a single 8cm Mortar in pit, plus three StuG Gs coming on from reserve.

The Soviets were attacking with a Motostrelkovy Plt, a 76.2mm infantry gun, 2x 3 T-34s and 3x T-70s with a section of infantry scouts and three BA-10 Armoured cars to round things off.

German defenders: seven units, HMG bunker and mortar in pit. A timed 122mm strike hurts the 88 and wipes out the 8cm mortar pit.

Soviet infantry and a BA-10 press forward in centre: the BA-10 hits a mine, the infantry get bombed by a Stuka though damage is surprisingly light.

The 88 is KO'd by mass tank gunfire.

Soviet tanks surge forward, largely bypassing the German infantry left for the Soviet infantry to clean-up.

A T-34 platoon goes left to engage the PaK40 in a gun pit.

The PaK40 hits two T-34s but fails to kill, one BtCoD test later and the leading T-34 moves to the flank of the gun to wipe it out with close-range MG fire. 

German infantry attempt a grenade attack but fail to do damage. They would not survive long.

The German StuGs would arrive a bit later (forgot pics) and destroy a couple of T-34s but German forces broke soon after having taking too much damage.

"Chits are good"


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