Sunday 22 November 2020

A couple of BG games

A couple of BG refresher games, here themed for 3rd Kharkov.  

Game 1 - Flank Attack

The Germans would field a PzGrenadier Platoon, a few support weapons (HMG, PaK38 and 8cm Mortar), three Panzer IV Gs, four Panzer III Ls and an 8-Rad.

The Soviets were Motostrelkovy Plt + AT Rifle, Maxim HMG, a 76.2mm infantry gun, 2x 3 T-34s and 3x T-70s with a section of infantry scouts and a BA-10 Armoured car to round things off.

A Soviet BA-10 grabs the first Obj, then breaks down and is engaged by a disabled Panzer III.

Soviet reserves flood on to the table while the BA-10 has succumbed to Panzer III fire.

More Panzers approach with some infantry and support weapons in the distance.

Soviets press the attack: the T-70 having dispatched an 8-Rad, now KO's a Panzer III with a flank shot. What a hero!

On the German right, the Soviets also press the attack although the T-70 and T-34 in picture would quickly be KO'd by the Panzer IV on the hill.

Panzer IV views down the road and fails to hit the T-70, is pinned in return.

Another German tank burns.

Despite the loss of two tanks, the Soviets press the attack on the hill and KO the Panzer IV and later will clean-up the infantry element as well.

Soviet infantry attempt to attack the Panzers (they fail to do damage) while the T-34s eventually get the range and KO the last mobile Panzer III, breaking the German force.

Game 2 - Defence Line

The Germans would defend with a PzGrenadier Platoon in foholes, HMG in log bunker, PaK40 AT Gun and 8.8cm FlaK gun in gun pits and a single 8cm Mortar in pit, plus three StuG Gs coming on from reserve.

The Soviets were attacking with a Motostrelkovy Plt, a 76.2mm infantry gun, 2x 3 T-34s and 3x T-70s with a section of infantry scouts and three BA-10 Armoured cars to round things off.

German defenders: seven units, HMG bunker and mortar in pit. A timed 122mm strike hurts the 88 and wipes out the 8cm mortar pit.

Soviet infantry and a BA-10 press forward in centre: the BA-10 hits a mine, the infantry get bombed by a Stuka though damage is surprisingly light.

The 88 is KO'd by mass tank gunfire.

Soviet tanks surge forward, largely bypassing the German infantry left for the Soviet infantry to clean-up.

A T-34 platoon goes left to engage the PaK40 in a gun pit.

The PaK40 hits two T-34s but fails to kill, one BtCoD test later and the leading T-34 moves to the flank of the gun to wipe it out with close-range MG fire. 

German infantry attempt a grenade attack but fail to do damage. They would not survive long.

The German StuGs would arrive a bit later (forgot pics) and destroy a couple of T-34s but German forces broke soon after having taking too much damage.

"Chits are good"


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