Saturday 21 July 2012

1st Army 25-pounders

Half a 25-pounder battery, these ones with the one-piece resin bases. Which I have learned to hate. Terrible things, BF should simply have made the scenic "dug-in" bits in metal and sold them separately, much easier.


Monday 9 July 2012

Hungarian Motorised Infantry Platoon

The first completed platoon of Hungarian infantry, painted to represent a platoon from the Motorised Infantry (blue collar tabs). These were done with Mid War in mind, though usable for Late War and the defence of Hungary in 1944-45 as well. Figures by Battlefront.

Naturally, just when I thought I'm done painting "English Uniform"...I choose an Axis force in the same scheme. The light equipment carried aids a simple, clean paint job, not much to distract from the main elements

The mix of poses is OK, some more variety would have been nice but the larger-than-normal platoon size also means you tend to see the same poses more easily. These do get rather monotonous; the whole platoon seems to take ages to get done. That and my project-ADD does not help either.

Zrinyi II assault guns and Toldil II recce tanks.

A 149mm Heavy Artillery Battery


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