Friday 10 July 2020

Winter T-34s

Winter scheme T-34s - the first platoon, at least. Models by Battlefront.

The scheme is base loosely on stills from British Pathé, technically on an OT-34 flame tank, but I liked the scheme so used it here.

And yes, like a muppet I glued the exhausts on upside-down...



  1. Very Nice painted T-34s.
    Whar colors Did you use?
    Ditching beams very Nice, how Did you make them?

    1. Thanks. Colours are dark green undercoat (Vallejo Bronze Green Surface Primer + a bit of black: works as undercoat and shadow colour), then A.MIG-932 Russian Base for green, just panel highlights as going lighter is pointless. Whitewash was airbrushed white over the green, misted to build up coverage but not to 100% opacity. Edge highlights painted by brush, a lighter green on the green parts, pure white on the white parts. Chipping done next...VMC 894 Russian Green, just as you would do sponge chipping, but with green to represent wear on the whitewash. Chips/scratches to whitewash added by brush to refine and work areas the sponge wont reach e.g. top of the turret on the hatches. Black pin-wash and a bit of winter streaking grime for effect.

      Beams are cocktail sticks, worked over with a wire brush to add texture, rope is cotton wrapped and glued.



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