Friday 17 July 2020

Soviet Greatcoat Rifle Platoon

Soviet 15mm infantry in greatcoats, figures by Battlefront. OOP now, of course...

This platoon was done with four squads, each of 10 men and a Junior Leader: enough for the Chain of Command Winter Storm Campaign (6th Panzer and the drive on Stalingrad). Of course, they'll work for IABSM too when required.

Leaders were done for Chain of Command, and additional ones added for IABSM purposes. The numbers are spare decals placed on a small squares of painted green stuff: I like clarity in 15mm scale, and this instantly shows the relevant Command Initiatives available. I still have a couple more leaders to add for completion.



  1. What colours do you use for the rifle Wood?

    1. It's mostly Vallejo Panzer Aces 311 New Wood you can see. 3 layers used: (1) Any dark brown, (2) VMC 983 Flat Earth, (3) VPA 311 New Wood + a bit of Flat Earth to tone it down a touch.



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