Thursday 27 September 2018

Op Battleaxe - Game 5: Second British Attack on Point 208

Game 5 of the Operation Battleaxe campaign saw the second British attack on Point 208/The Hafid Ridge.

*spoilers* It went even worse than the first attack.

This time the British force would be a mixed Cruiser tank squadron from 2 RTR, mixed A10s and A13s with an A9 CS tank. The German defenders would be much the same as last time, with the added reinforcement of armour arriving from reserve.

German position, from the flank the British would attack.

British deployment: subtle, isn't it?

A10s and an A13 move forward, the latter is KO'd almost immediately by the PaK38.

British fire on the PaK38 causes a couple of crew casualties, the 88 returns the fire and KO's the A9 CS tank.

The British finally eliminate the PaK38, but lose an A10, and then suffer heavy casualties as the 88 destroys two more A10s. The first wave has been decimated.

British reinforcement arrive to a poor situation: A13s and more infantry.

The Germans too revive reserves, though they are hardly be needed.

A13s advance into the cauldron only to slowly be picked off one by one for little result. The 88 takes a few crew casualties, but the crew holds firm and keeps firing.

The Germans are even cheeky enough to launch a flanking attack with just one Panzer III...which works.

The British morale breaks as their tanks losses are almost complete for very few gains.

A very one-sided game, but one which does illustrate the futility of attacking a prepared position without sufficient fire support or anything remotely resembling a "plan". Poor dice rolling simply added salt to the wound.


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