Monday 8 May 2017

Kursk Panthers

Panthers of the D model variety: the best Panther D model available in 15mm IMO, and vastly better than Battlefront's resin offering (which now also comes with inaccurate tracks!). Models by The Plastic Soldier Company, crews by Battlefront (plastics). I also magnetized the turrets and added a little weight to the hulls.



  1. Awesome! They look fantastic. cheers

  2. Great looking Panthers! Really nice uniform look. The PSC Panther D is a good likeness - missing the turret side port but any other things you found?

    1. Thanks Troy.

      As you say, the turret side port is missing and I was not going to scratch-build as I'm not much good at it! Missing the turret "plugs" as well (I'm not actually sure hat those are?). A few minor details also off: the jack block for example: I couldn't be bothered to paint them here. Probably a few other things I'd know better than me.

      Running gear has nice details, all road-wheels 24-rivet as you'd expect from a combo A/D kit, so no 16-rivet early wheels. Smoke dis-chargers simplified and need a little trimming to fit. Cupola hatch a bit of a pain to get glued.

      Still, I'm nit-picking: I'm sure you could fix most/all of the incorrect details. The PSC kit is still the best Panther D available in 15mm IMO: the BF resin is old, and though it now comes with plastic parts this also means you are forced to use the late-style running gear as all BF Panthers now come with the Panther G plastic track sprue.


    2. Thanks for the info - will be needing a platoon of D's for '43 German forces at some point. You did these proud!



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