Thursday 28 March 2013

Volksgrenadier Sturm Platoon

A Volksgrenadier Sturm platoon. These were done prior to the winter/greatcoat figures; an ad-hoc mix from Battlefront's Sperrverband box set and the Begleit blisters for the Assault Rifle-armed figures.



  1. Always a pleasure to see you new stuff! Love the shade of Feldgrau, and the camo work. Your minis are so sharp and crisp!


  2. great stuff! The detail on the figures and the basing are both top notch!

  3. Excellent painting again. Crac can i ask you, do you use tripod and spot lamp?
    or light box? What is your camera settings?

  4. I can't really help you much with the photography stuff mate. Camera on macro setting, Tripod, 3 lights (one above, one to each side but slightly forward the photo area (i.e. don't light from behind the miniature, light up the front). I take a range of pictures at differing exposure/EV levels (e.g. +0.3, +0.7, +1, etc) and choose the best from there.

    Obviously, use a timer (2 seconds) so you don't touch the camera when taking the pic.

    The basic setup is similar to this:

    ...though I don't place my lights so close, since I'm taking a pic of more than just a single miniature, and I have a 3rd light above. The background is just a few sheets of A4 white paper.

    It is still not something I'm much good at, the pictures lack sharpness for the most part.



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