Wednesday 20 April 2011

In the midst of painting block

Though thankfully, I think it's beginning to lift.

Not much to post right now, just a washed-out pic of a WiP StuG Platoon (getting a bit of practice in with the airbrush). Still much to learn I fear, though it is quite fun. These still need a wash for depth and some other detailing: quite new at this airbrushing business so we'll see how I go.



  1. Looking good so far.

    Airbrushing is the best thing I did to move my painting forward.

    Enjoy. Its great fun.

  2. Heh...I find airbrushing a nightmare. I just want to get stuck in, but you've got to take your time.

    StuGs are looking great already!

  3. Strong Work CT! ... I don't really have an opportunity to use my airbrush with my infantry heavy armies .... someday !

  4. Keep it up... I hate painters block.


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