Sunday 24 October 2010

Estonian SS WiP

Finished a few test pieces for an upcoming project which will center on the Estonian 20. SS-Freiwilligen-Grenadierdivision: the 8cm mortar platoon being selected as guinea pigs. The pic is a bit washed-out and the highlights on the lighter colours don't seem to show too well: not entirely convinced on the Pea-Dot yet either, so might have to try a few variations there. I also skipped SS runes and markings: not particularly inspired by anything SS, plus these figures are a little smaller than usual and doing markings would be an absolute pain.

Game 4 of the Axis of Attack campaign was scheduled for Friday evening but had to be called off as I fell seriously ill on Thursday night: still not 100%, but not throwing up every hour which is a vast improvement to say the least.

Quite a few works-in-progress on the go right now, with US 76mm Shermans and more Sikhs taking priority.



  1. As with all your stuff just fantastic with wonderful color tones.


  2. As always this is some great looking stuff, even for some test pieces.
    Get well.


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