Saturday 20 October 2018

Op Battleaxe - Game 8: German Rearguard action at Fort Capuzzo

The second game in the Fort Capuzzo territory for turn three would see the German forces fighting a Rearguard mission against the British 7 RTR Group.

Lacking any German infantry (the unit was destroyed in the previous game), the Axis defence would be provided by a mixed group of German armour and anti-tanks guns with Italian infantry to assist. The British had a maximum of nine turns to break the opposing force or claim all objectives secured.

The Axis left flank.

The Axis right flank.

Initial British probes.

While a single Matilda and the PaK38 duel on the left.

Reaching the ridge line, the Marmon-Herringtons work over the infantry with 20mm fire while the Matildas mostly miss things.

Duel still in progress: Matildas are tough!

With reserves pouring onto the table, the British attack begins in earnest as infantry arrives to
help clear the Italians from their trenches.

With covering fire provided by the vehicles, the lead British Section successfully Close Assaults the trench and removes the defenders.

Infantry arriving on the British right flank has meanwhile eliminated the PaK38 and some
Italian LMG teams for relatively light casualties (& 3x passed Beyond the Call of Duty tests!).

But German armoured reserves arrive to intervene!

Italian infantry on the ridge line is getting thin as British 3" mortars prove a menace.

German tank shooting is poor and they only manage to pin the Matilda.

Another Matilda advances straight up the road toward the embattled Italian infantry...

While the attack on the ridge proceeds slowly, but inexorably.

The Matilda on the British right recovers and return fire...

...while on the left a Marmon-Herrington is KO'd by German artillery fire.

But the British advance is relentless and the Italian infantry is soon eliminated by MG fire and accurate 3" mortar strikes.

A British Infantry Section moves forward to claim the rear objective, breaking the Axis defence on Turn 8.

A pretty fast game: with the attacker being "on the clock", they cannot mess around and here they (for once) did not. German armoured reserves were sent to the wrong flank, away from the threatened objectives, and contributed almost nothing to the defence which proved decisive.


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