Saturday 14 July 2018

BG Tobruk AAR

With a certain individual visiting for the weekend, a hasty game of Battlegroup was arranged.

Mid 1941, the Western Desert: a DAK Battlegroup has forced a crossing over a Wadi and prepares to expand their bridgehead.

500 Pts from Battlegroup Tobruk. Bridgehead Breakout Mission from the rule book.

The table: The DAK force, having found a crossing point over a Wadi, has established a bridgehead and is racing reinforcements to secure it. The British naturally have other ideas...

German sMG34 and PaK38 cover the advance of some Motorcycle infantry.

Moving rapidly forward they put fire onto an infantry section and 25-pounder, pinning the former.

A pair of Crusaders arrive to lend support but fail to do much, the 25-pounder is soon eliminated.

Meanwhile, DAK reserves arrive in mass, though they struggle for orders.
A shoot by the second 25-pounder KO's the Sd Kfz 222.

More Crusaders arrive and they, along with the infantry, gun-down the isolated German Motorcycle troops before the Panzers can reach them.

Panzers working the flank...

...and Crusaders burn.

More German tanks arrive and the fight heats up considerably.The German right progresses well before being disrupted by artillery strikes which KO a Panzer III. On the German left things do not go so well, but the Bitish cannot advance against the Pakfront.

Both sides are close to breaking: a draw of 3 will see either force retire. Meanwhile, a Boys AT Rifle team sneak p into some rocks...

...and knocks-out a Panzer III with a lucky shot.

The Boys kill is enough to break German Force Morale: a British Victory!

Another excellent game of Battlegroup; very close as they so often are and thoroughly enjoyable. Good practice for the coming Battleaxe campaign.



  1. A great looking game. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cheers guys: with a campaign starting soon, there will be plenty more.


  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, I still have some way to go though; this was a bit improvised.


  4. A perfect scenario for the period. The ground cloth is very effective and the overall effect of the terrain looks superb.

    1. Thanks Pat: Cigar Box Battle mat with bean-bag hills underneath...simple but quite effective.


  5. A great looking game on a realistic and wonderful terrain...Spectacular!


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