Wednesday 7 October 2015


A trio of Jagdpanthers, from Battlefront's GBX41 Jagdpanther Platoon box.

The scheme was based loosely on that seen on the famous Jagdpanther 823. I chose a green base for something a bit different: my green looks a little brighter under lights, but it works very well on the table-top.

There are some patterns here as well if you need ideas: EG Collection



  1. Very nice. The green really pops. I've been wanting to try a tank with a green base.

  2. Wow, they look great!

    Would you be willing to give us a short rundown of the colours/ techniques used? (Airbrush/Masking?)
    I would really appreciate this!

    1. Thanks.

      Working from black undercoat, I sprayed MIG 916 Green base on all panels leaving a bit of black showing around the edges, the panel highlights with MIG 917 Light Green.

      Satin varnish to protect, then masking with blu-tack or similar, broad stripes of green.

      I then did the dunkelgelb alongside the masking, MIG 902 Dunkelgelb base followed by MIG 011 Dunkelgelb aus '44 DG I. When dry, I pushed the blu-tack masking over a bit to cover the dunkelgelb to mask the fine DG lines.

      I then sprayed MIG 912 Red Brown Base shadow followed by 913 Red Brown base (I think: it might have been 913 followed by 914 Red Brown light, I don't remember exactly).

      Paint details, tools, etc. Overall gloss when dry followed by pin washes etc, NATO black pin washes in this case.


  3. Brilliantly done! Very interesting Camo scheme. I am going to have to give it a try sometime!


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