Wednesday 28 October 2015

Flames of War at WARCON 2015

I've got slack with doing reports lately, so here's to trying better in future.

WARCON was held over the weekend of October 24-25 and included a Flames of War tournament alongside 40K, X-wing, Warmachine, and other events, Cosplay, etc. The FOW event turned out to have quite limited attendance, nine players on day one and only eight on day two. Still, those of us that attended stuck it out and made it work.

After being pipped to first place by my brother at ICON 2015 (pic dump), we swapped places this time as I got first with British Rifles and him second with a silly German 503. Schwere Tiger list that did surprisingly well. Frans and Renier tied for third place.

I won't bother with a full AAR as only a few games were interesting, just some highlight pics. All I took can be seen HERE.

First table I set-up.

Second table I set-up.
After arriving early, I took shots of the tables I did then forgot to take pics of the others.

503. Schwere on the start line.

Hero Motostrelkovy await the German onslaught.

German onslaught in progress...

ISUs taking arty fire

Into the assault...Vets vs. Hero Motostrelk with Panzerfausts: it was always going to be bloody.

M10s lighting up SU122s

Hero T-34/85s putting the hurt on some Panzers.

ISU-122s will not budge.

Soviets hold the field as the German attack falters.

Me facing Mike B in game two.

Massed Soviet attack but my Bren gunners are on the job and it fails.

If you go down to the woods today...

Yes, two re-rolling King Tigers. On a hill. Seeing everything. "Pass me another 8.8cm round..."

KTs lighting-up everything in sight.

Panzer IVs facing SU85Ms on the "Manchuria 1945" table.

Same table, next game: Hero Motostrelk holding the ridge against German armour.

Panthers and Pzgrens deciding to mix it up with my Rifle Platoon in a wood...

...who promptly show them how it's done.

RoF3, re-roll misses King Tiger on the Ridge...this is not going to end well.

They don't like it up 'em.

Achtung! Jabos!

Can they hold?


In with the bayonet.

Nebelwerfer killing an 8-Rad with Rifle fire...

Last-ditch assault by Hornisse, but it fails and the British hold.



  1. Great to see how far our hobby stretches! Great post
    Mike B

  2. Thanks for the game Rex. My Hero Motostrelk were quite heroic against Ben's Germans but not so much against your Brits!

    1. Cheers Mike. It was pretty close on the far objective and could have gone either way I think. Bloody firepower tests...


  3. At first I thought your brother must have been walking around with bagpipes putting everyone off their game so you'd win and then I realized you'd made a spelling mistake and it wasn't quite so exciting :-)


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