Monday 11 October 2010

WWPD and Forged in Battle

If you are a follower of the What Would Patton Do blog you'll have noticed Steven, Joe and Sean have begun a podcast focusing mostly (though not exclusively) on Flames of War. This blog was fortunate enough to be the "blog of the week" in Episode 1, so thanks guys for that!

If you haven't checked them out, head over and listen to Episode 1 and let them know your thoughts: I think they're doing a great job and its pretty cool to have FOW-centered podcast.

Another miniature company you might want to check out is Forged in Battle. I meant to highlight them some time back but completely forgot until Heresy Brush posted some rather nice painted examples on the Steve Dean Forum yesterday, some apparently soon to be released. There is a brief review here which notes some issues with the resin vehicle parts, but this is similar to my experiences with BF resin as well, so I won't be judging them until I can get a few in hand. I am keen to see the infantry in particular and will hopefully get and paint a few in the future (he says as he has just dropped more cash on another spur-of-the-moment Eastern Front project....).

Despite being largely pro-Battlefront for some time I am of the opinion that another range (or two) of good-quality 15mm WW2 miniatures, if marketed well, would be a welcome addition to the wargaming fraternity. The recent BF price rises have made it worthwhile to "shop around" and, while I still don't think BF's products are exorbitantly priced, I think they could do better in several areas (e.g. small vehicles specifically) and competition is always a good thing.

We were meant to get another Axis of Attack campaign game in this weekend but real life got in the way at the last minute: hopefully the 2nd German attack on Amfreville will take place this week and, from my point of view, get soundly thrashed!



  1. Thanks for the nice shout out ...

    I am glad you are enjoying the podcast ! Your blog is great. Keep up the great work !

  2. That is a nice blog and I just joined up.Congratulations on being voted blog of the week as it's well deserved.I'm glad you started a blog to showcase your wonderful work.


  3. Wow! I really like the looks of the Forged in Battle minis. I may have to give those a closer look!

    On another note, I've only just recently begun following your blog but I have to say that your Blog of the Week honors are well deserved.

    Keep up the great painting and please consider it the highest of compliments when I try out some of the things I learn from your blog!

  4. Cheers guys, thanks for the kind words.


  5. Just saw the blog after it was mentioned on WWPD. Loved the pictures and the battle reports. And thanks for the link to Forged In Battle! They look great. :D


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