Sunday 19 September 2010

Mired in Life

I have been lately. Fortunately I got around to the local club this last Wednesday evening. Mike B brought his Soviet Udarny, and as the only LW German army I have at the moment is a Panzer Lehr Armoured Panzergrenadier company, they went to battle in the No Retreat mission.

As this was the first time I would be attacking I could try-out my infantry/half-track tactics. Panzer Lehr, attacking from the bottom of the picture below, successfully annihilated the first Udarny Coy in the village (lost 2 Pumas to flamethrowers though...must keep them in mind in future), pinned another in place on the hill across the river and were on the verge of winning when Mike had to leave and we didn't finish(wife stuck in a lift: he didn't have a very good evening, only got his first reserve company on turn 4).

Unfortunately only the first table shot came out, the rest of the pictures were very blurred: wrong camera setting and I was too busy gaming to really notice.


Yesterday Colin and I got together to game an Axis of Attack Campaign we had been meaning to do for ages: The Breville Gap from BF's book D-Day, pp. 48-52. We finished two games, both German attacks by 346. Grenadier Division on my Commandos in Amfreville and the Bois Mont. Quite a few of these pictures actually came out, so I'll do the two AARs during the week.

It amazes me what a few good games can do to arouse one's interest, release real-life frustration and get the inspiration flowing again.


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