Thursday 13 July 2017

Coldstream Guards Churchill Squadron

The remainder of my Churchill Squadron: 'C' Squadron, 4th Tank Battalion, Coldstream Guards, 6th (Guards) Tank Brigade. Well, with two Tank Troops, a half-Squadron really. I added extra track-links which the 6th GTB seems to have been rather fond of using, both the Sherman and Churchill variety.

Models by PSC with BF crews, magnetized turrets, etc. The HQ has the Churchill Mk. V with 95mm CS howitzer. The green appears more "luminous" in the pictures than it is in real life.

And another Tank Troop, two Churchill Mk VI with 75mm and a single Mk IV with 6-pounder.

They'll join the first Troop I did, below. I forgot to take a group shot though...



  1. Gorgeous work - delighted to have found your inspirational blog

  2. Awesome. My Grandfather Sgt JH Webster was a tank commander in the 4th Tank battalion. I haven't yet been able to find out what troop he was in or the name of his tank.


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