Monday, 8 May 2017

Kursk Panthers

Panthers of the D model variety. Not entirely accurate models but OK out of the box. Models by The Plastic Soldier Company, crews by Battlefront (plastics). I also magnetized the turrets and added a little weight to the hulls.

Not really "Kursk Panthers" though: the real ones (51. and 52. Panzer Abteilung) were quite heavily camouflaged for the most part, as I discovered. The plain dunkelgelb scheme was not really evident from the pictures I've seen. Also missing the distinctive "panther head" markings on the turrets, etc.

What do you do when your airbrush is on the blink and you can't do camo? This I guess. The exaggerated streaking was also to add a little interest on what would otherwise have been a bit dull. Still: good enough for gaming.



  1. Awesome! They look fantastic. cheers

  2. Great looking Panthers! Really nice uniform look. The PSC Panther D is a good likeness - missing the turret side port but any other things you found?

    1. Thanks Troy.

      As you say, the turret side port is missing and I was not going to scratch-build as I'm not much good at it! Missing the turret "plugs" as well (I'm not actually sure hat those are?). A few minor details also off: the jack block for example: I couldn't be bothered to paint them here. Probably a few other things I'd know better than me.

      Running gear has nice details, all road-wheels 24-rivet as you'd expect from a combo A/D kit, so no 16-rivet early wheels. Smoke dis-chargers simplified and need a little trimming to fit. Cupola hatch a bit of a pain to get glued.

      Still, I'm nit-picking: I'm sure you could fix most/all of the incorrect details. The PSC kit is still the best Panther D available in 15mm IMO: the BF resin is old, and though it now comes with plastic parts this also means you are forced to use the late-style running gear as all BF Panthers now come with the Panther G plastic track sprue.


    2. Thanks for the info - will be needing a platoon of D's for '43 German forces at some point. You did these proud!



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